The project “City of dreams”

Proff 24 21/04/2017

Statistical data of the European population surveys has shown to us that the younger generation dream about having affordable houses with good neighbors, convenient facilities and infrustructure.

Our company is planning to proceed with the project called “City of Dreams”.

The project is being relied on the government support, namely the leasing of land for about a 100 year period for building purposes and at a low price. The minimum land area of 10 hectares or more, with the possibility of gradual expansion. As well as assistance in organizing the necessary communications, such as electricity, water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, etc., as well as, if possible, transport communication.

Our company is planning to set “mobile houses” at very low cost from 20 thousand euros on an area of 35 square meters. Home ownership is suposed to become the property of the customer. The land attached per household is meant to be provided in the lease.


What is a “mobile house”?

It is a complete house, developed on the plot of land and can be delievered to some place on the mobile platform of a vehicle.

The house is built on stilts or a temporary foundation (the variants of construction approved by the relevant authorities).

“City of Dreams” will provide all facilities for people with disabilities, as well as we will do our best to arrange working places for them.


The city is divided into several zones:

* Administration and office center, conference hall (for festivals, parties, etc.).

* The residential complex consisting of houses of various sizes, areas of land on request.

* Residential complex engaged in agriculture and providing the city with natural products.

* We will build a kindergarten, children’s clubs, playing field, a mini-zoo.

* Sports complex.

* Hotel for guests.

* Hostel, at a very low price.

* Bath complex with a swimming pool.

* Café and restaurant.

* Security service.

* Parking.


Our plan is to organize healthy and active lifestyle for the youth, providing jobs in different directions in the “City of Dreams”.

Thank you! We hope for your understanding and support!

The construction of a modern “mobile house” using the USP-panel technology.

Manufacturing technology of USP panels allows individual building houses and buildings to every taste, inexpensive but high quality and meets all the modern technological requirements.


The main advantage of using USP construction panels is the most optimal ratio of price and quality in construction, reliability and comprehensive architectural features.

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