The construction of a modern “mobile house” using the USP-panel technology

Proff 24 24/02/2017

Thanks to  the latest technology self-supporting panels combine a lot of characteristics:

Environmentally-friendly – insulation panel composed of non-combustible rock basalt, which does not rot.
Load bearing capacity – 1 m2 wall can withstand the load 3420 kg.

Lightweight – 32 kg. weight of the panel, which allows the construction of facilities do not use expensive lifting equipment and saves money in the construction of the foundation.

Reduced construction time – construction of the house of 100 m2 for 2 to 4 days. Panel thickness is 150 mm., which replaces the thermal conductivity of 1,45 m2 brickwork.

Payback – construction costs recouped within seven years through savings on heating costs.

Seismic – can withstand an earthquake of 9 points.

The universal construction panel -The unique technology of frameless construction.


To build a house is easier than you think! Patent number – 74932.

Prefabricated – full cycle of construction of your house for 30 – 90 days.
Economy – the minimum price of 1 m2 of space with maximum quality and comfort level.
Thermal efficiency – low thermal conductivity of USP panels, exterior wall thickness of 15 cm. corresponds to the thermal conductivity of the brick wall thickness of 1.45 m.
Environmentally friendly – only  natural materials are used.
Fire safety – materials do not burn, and can withstand the temperature of the direct impact of more than 1,000 degrees for a few hours.
Durability – maintains high performance with the direct impact of the external environment for a long time.

Thermal performance of the panels in comparison with other building materials.




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