Sunny beaches of Portugal

Proff 24 17/02/2018

The Atlantic Ocean washes the long coast of Portugal. It impresses with its beauty, strength and depth. As one huge body, the ocean changes its mood. For example, in the Algarve region, it is quiet and calm, even in the winter, so it is a perfect area for a measured and peaceful holiday. But sometimes the ocean shows us all its power and might, raising waves of several meters, which is ideal for some sports, such as surfing. But even watching the waves is breathtaking and unforgettable experience of a lifetime.solPt

A constant companion of travelers will be warm sun that is present not only a bronze tan, but also good mood and cheerfulness.

Sandy beaches along the coast, creating a feeling of lightness, freedom and relaxation, immersed in the mystery of these fabulous places.

The coast of Portugal is very diverse, from busy and noisy to quiet. They keep many secrets that makes you want to solve this exciting puzzle. Such a variety allows to satisfy the taste of each guest to pick uo a holiday suitable for you. You can enjoy walks along the ocean, under the fresh Atlantic breeze or enjoy the comfort of a velvet light – the golden sand, completely relax, listening to the sound of the ocean. For the more active holidaymakers there is a great chance to play beach volleyball, soccer, or have fun at the bars and clubs of the coast.

Beaches of Portugal annually receive an international award Blue Flag of Europe, the award shall be issued beaches and piers, water which meets the highest quality standards and is suitable for safe swimming and Blue Flag of Europe confirms the high level of infrastructure.IMG_2789

Comfort your holiday will provide numerous hotels and resorts with spectacular views of the ocean. Portugal distinguished hospitality and is always happy to receive guests. Even more taste and mood of Portugal and the Atlantic Ocean to help the local cuisine, a diverse variety of dishes.