Health through water

Proff 24 17/02/2018

SpA stands for an abbreviation of the Latin phrase «Sanus per Aquam» or “health through water”, but taking into consideration the diversity and quality of the SPA program in the region of Algarve, this abbreviation can also be deciphered as «Sanus Per Algarve» – «Health through Algarve».

 Do you need to relax or, on the contrary, to tone up?

 Caldas de Monchique-spaYou will be offered a wide range of programs: from thalassotherapy, massage, manual lymphatic drainage massage with stones and methods of alternative therapies to reflexology, yoga, tai-chi and reiki.

The sources of Caldas de Monchique is a unique natural SPA – centre on the mountain ridge Serra de Monchique (Serra de Monchique), known since the days of the Romans, who called it Aquas Sagradas – holy waters.

Even now, this epithet is still of importance to all the waters of Algarve.

Let me, your guide in regions of Portugal and Spain, explain the following: Algarve in Portugal is not just the Sun and beaches. Of course, the Sun really shines all year round and the beaches satisfy all requests, but the secret in its diversity!

Having had enough sunbathing, you can continue enjoying the sea water, taking SPA-treatments and thalassotherapy.

Cascata do Barbelote

An excellent tool for finding harmony and tranquillity would be a walk to the waterfall Barbelote in Monchique (Cascata do Barbelote). Cascata do Barbelote (Barbelote Falls) is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in Algarve. Its height is about 20 metres, which allows us to call it one of the highest waterfalls in the south of Portugal.

 The best time to visit Barbelote Falls is after a heavy rain, when the foam bubbling stream of water tends to bring down to earth and rocks all its splendor. A walk to the waterfall in the winter allows you to take a fresh look at the surrounding forest. The lush vegetation will always be one of the most pleasant memories of Algarve and Portugal.

 As for me, the word Algarve stands for the sun and the sea, beaches and mountains, fresh and salt waters, excellent fish and wine, all I can wish and what my soul asks for is here!

Caldas de Monchique

Cerra de Monchique is a mountain range, situated in northeast Algarve. Monchique town is hidden on its highest point. The Romans, attracted by the healing power of the hot mineral springs, laid the foundation for the creation of well-known throughout Portugal Caldas de Monchique. Monarchs of Portugal regularly visited Caldash de Monchique to use its mineral sources. Monchique is surrounded by woods of valuable species of trees, such as cork trees, eucalyptus, chestnuts etc.


Combining the traditional architecture of Algarve, orchards, lush flowering camellias and hydrangeas, hot springs – all this makes this place unique.

Connoisseurs of fine drinks know Monchique for a special sort of brandy Medronheira. This is traditional fruit brandy of Portugal. It is made from the fruit of a native tree Medronheiro (strawberry tree), the fruits of which are collected manually.