Golf with the Atlantic Ocean view

Proff 24 17/02/2018

Besides the huge blue ocean and endless sky of Algarve another colour is striking – it is GREEN! BRIGHT green! This always stands for good quality and care of the surroundings. Despite the fact that in the winter it frequently rains in Portugal, the fields are regularly watered. 30 golf fields located throughout the Algarve region are considered the best in the world and are part of the most prestigious associations of this kind of sport..

To play golf in Algarve means also to get pleasure from the noise of the sea, the singing of birds and the rustle of the wind in the trees, which gives the desired shade and coolness. The sun shines here all year round. Whether you are a newcomer, an amateur or a professional, the Algarve fields playing characteristics will satisfy you. They have already received the approval of famous players.

Golf in Portugal is the most fantastic and you will keep the experience in memory long after the vacation is over. The guarantee of 300 days of sunshine, high quality accommodations and relaxing atmosphere, perfect scenery and the world’s top 30 golf fields attract generations of players from all over the southern coast of Portugal.

The founder of the golf culture in Portugal is legendary Sir Henry Cotton. He developed the various areas of the classic game. The length of the fields stretches along about 240 kilometres of Atlantic coast connecting with Sagres in the west of Vila Real de Santo António. Almost 60 years later, the traditions of Sir Henry Cotton remains here.

Most fields are situated within 30 minutes’ drive from Faro airport, in the direction of Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura Marina, where there are all the necessary services to enjoy a wonderful holiday. On the East of Sagres there are also internationally famous reserves, full of wild life.

In 2005 Golf World Cup was held in Algarve, as well as Portugal Masters Cup 2007-2008. These fields have been twice recognized as the best in the world for golf, in 2013 and 2014.

However, there are also many options for those who do not play golf: shopping, high quality goods, luxury resorts, restaurants, casinos, tours and luxurious beaches. If you are interested in history and prefer to spend your time relaxing, a good idea would be to visit typical mountain villages or old fishing ports that will help you to get acquainted with the local culture.