Flying over the Costa Blanca

Proff 24 17/02/2018


«… why don’t people fly like birds? …»

Air walks are becoming more and more popular nowadays. How long have you dreamt of flying on a private jet? We offer you the opportunity to enjoy the flight through Costa Blanca from La Manga to Benidorm (Murcia-La Manga-Torrevieja-Alicante-Benidorm).

Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean coast from a bird’s-eye view! Discover the wonderful views and an unforgettable experience!

We arrange the flights of various kinds. There are sightseeing tours, allowing to get acquainted with the natural landscape and the major architectural monuments of Costa Blanca for a short time. Flights, having business mission, provide an opportunity to make sure you have made the right choice and understand how attractive for you the certain geographical area is. The unique images you observe from the airplane windows cannot be provided by a car journey. In addition to the spectacular beauty from a 300-500 m height, the flight can also reduce the time of a journey.

A romantic or simply panoramic flight on a small plane would be a great present, the memories of which will last forever.

Air-tour passes under the control of experienced pilots, but you can also take part in the running the airplane depending upon weather conditions.

We offer routes through the most popular places or make up an individual flight plan according to your wishes and interests. A flight takes 1-1.5 hours approximately and fully dependents on the chosen route.